Monday, March 08, 2010

International Women's Day

Choosing between a professional & a home maker, I would rather prefer to be a home maker as I always believe that home making itself is a career. I would have definitely taken much pride being a home maker as it involves a lot of caring, patience, planning, and hospitality apart from enjoying my hobbies. Most of us feel that a mother is "just a stay at home mom".
A ‘home mom’ as I would prefer to call a homemaker can devote a quality time to shape up her family. The home is being maintained well, the day is meticulously planned for the children and a nice menu prepared for the family. The real happiness lies in dropping your children in school, find out his/her friends & their peer group. How many professionals really find time to go & attend the parent students meeting? How many of them really do get time to find out why she is lacking behind in her studies.
A home maker spends most of her time in making her home a beautiful place, a sanctuary for the family. All this also takes a lot of time, work & effort. She develops her own talents & help in developing the talents of her family. Call it what you like, but a homemaker is one of the most important jobs in the world. She does it all - nurse, event planner, driver, maid, educator and just about everything else under the sun. It can be overwhelming, if not downright crazy. Life is just fast paced and there is too much to do in too little time. But those miraculous years of our kids’ childhood will never come again. And if we do not devote the time and effort to becoming the best parent you know you can be, one day we will all deeply regret the lost opportunity. The professional only have time to plan her career, to reach the goal in her career & in the bargain tend to lose concentration in caring the family.
The way you take the care to raise your children is the way you raise your future generations. How many of the professionals would have really had time to give those piggy back rides which the children always enjoy? How many career-oriented women really have time to discuss about the family? A career woman has to thrive hard in her office & at the end of the day she is so exhaustive and things drive her crazy. Hardly does she have time for a family meal every day? They are busy chasing life’s big pleasures that they miss out on the little ones. They also tend to lose there family values & their relationship gets lost in the shuffle They can be called as ‘house maker’ than being a home maker.
Every home maker is the C.E.O of the family and they act as the catalysts in the family. A Home maker can always do what she wants & can also earn from home.
The professional women always dream of some magical garden in the horizon instead of enjoying the roses within our home.
I would like to end saying " I would rather have roses on my table, than diamonds on my neck"


தருமி said...

'home moms' got a good excuse from you !!

Thekkikattan|தெகா said...

:)) doc, it sounds like that you got something to say after all walking yourself in the pro line... :-). Perhaps, people who are standing in the opposite pasture might look at you and say the opposite, i bet - what do you say :D ?

sury said...

Years ago, a search study conducted in USA found to their surprise that the value of a housewife ( call her home maker, if you would like to ! ) is fourteen times that of the earning capacity of her husband. If this could be the assessment at the United States, where the culture is different from that of India, where familial relationships are considered sacrosanct, one can imagine the value of a housewife in Indian conditions. Alas, the points you covered have never been fully understood while the woman peruses her career, only to find at the last, that she had already missed a lot.
And what is lost can never be set off against what has been earned in her professional career. The foremost of them being the love and esteem of their children.
Subbu rathinam