Sunday, December 03, 2006

Destiny... How cruel!

Everything happened in a jiffy.....
Came to Chennai with so much of dreams of living together with my husband....
My job at Apollo ...
an individual house at Chennai...
meeting my daughter and granddaughter at the Beach on weekends...
Me and my husband had a real LIFE after so many years of wandering...
we started enjoying every minute...But God had different plans..
On 21st of november, my husband complained of severe chest pain at 3AM in the morning and I took him to Apollo Hospitals and he died there at 5.45 Am.....everything came to an end for me..
He was buried at St. Johns Church at Trichy..He was laid to rest with great honour...
Just three days earlier he had gone to Trichy on an official visit and had met all his old friends...
He had served the Police Department for over 36 years . A very Honest and Sincere officer. A good husband, a loving and affectionate father to his children..
We started our life at Madras and ended it at Chennai...
Painful and very difficult.....


Anonymous said...

We started our life at Madras and ended it at Chennai.../////
yes. very cruel indeed..

oosi said...

Sad News !! Sorry about this !! Hope you get all the strength needed at this crucial hour !!

Mysorean said...

Sorry to hear this Delphine! May God Be with you!

May His Soul Rest In Peace!

Thekkikattan said...
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Thekkikattan said...

Dear Dr. Delphine,

I feel terribly sorry to hear this. I have no words how to console you in words for the loss of our dear Maasi saar.

I have launched a post here related with this sad news...

நாமக்கல் சிபி said...


என்னுடைய ஆழ்ந்த அனுதாபங்களைத் தெரிவித்துக் கொள்கிறேன்.


மதி கந்தசாமி (Mathy) said...

Sorry to hear this Dr.Delphine! May God Be with you!!

Anonymous said...

My dear Dr. Delphine,

What a sad news to hear of your husband passing away! I am sorry to hear. It wasn't even a year now when you had the wedding celebration for one of your children!
We may not understand what God's reasons are for allowing us to experience pain. But i'm pretty sure, it will be for the good.
But we can look from another point of view. He is now at a better place than where we are. Glory to God!
Lilibeth - Haggai586

காசி (Kasi) said...

Dear Dr. Delphine,

Still Mr. Masilamani's smiling face is fresh in my memory. I read in paper about his transfer from Coimbatore and later saw your blog once about your new job in Chennai. It is very sad to see his sudden demise. May his soul rest in peace.

சந்தோஷ் aka Santhosh said...

Dear Dr.
I was really shocked to hear about this. Even me and Masilamani had a couple of conversations via comments, I came to knew that he is a very honest and sincere police officer. It is a very great lose not only for your family but also to the police department. May his soul rest in peace.

துளசி கோபால் said...

அன்புள்ள டெல்ஃபீன்,

மிகவும் அதிர்ச்சியான செய்தி.
மனம் மிகவும் கலங்கிப்போச்சு.
உங்களுக்காகவும், உங்கள் குடும்பத்துக்காகவும்
கடவுளை வேண்டுகின்றோம்.
மனதில் சமாதானம் உண்டாகட்டும்.
என்றும் அன்புடன்,
துளசி & கோபால்
( நியூஸிலாந்து)

delphine said...

Dear friends.என்னுடைய கஷ்டமான இந்த வேளையில் உங்கள் ஆறுதலான வார்த்தைகள் மிக ஆறுதலாக உள்ளது. மிக்க நன்றி. my special thanks to Thekkikaattaan and also to Aarathana.

வல்லிசிம்ஹன் said...

Dear Delphine,
it was so shocking to hear the horrible news.

somehow I felt we came closer through the net.
such a wonderful smiling personality and comments on my posts are still green in my memory.
God be With you always.
Take care.

delphine said...

Thank you Valli. Thanks a lot.

dondu(#4800161) said...

Very much devastated on hearing the news madam. May God in his mercy give you enough fortitude to get over this great loss.

Dondu N. Raghavan

JasmineSatyavani said...

My Dearest Doctor,

Fresh tears flowed when I read your write up about Annan - "Destiny... How cruel!". Yes, it was a cruel, unexpected blow! There seems to be no reasons or explanations as to why these things happen! We can only thank God for his life and pray for him.

We thank the Good Lord for bringing Annan and you into our lives through your beloved son, Benjamin. We will never forget Annan's smiley face and the kind and warm way he used to speak. My daughter really doted on her "Maama" and used to talk so much about him.

We believe that he is now with our Good Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and though he may not be with you physically, his loving spiritual presence will always be with you, protecting you and taking care of you.

Please be assured of our constant love, concern and prayers for you. Take care of yourself. We are there for you always. Remember that!

With love, prayers and God's Blessings,
Rev Bavani Rajan, children and myself ~ Jasmine.

Benjamin Masilamani said...

Mom, I still can't believe that Dad Left us all alone and went to be with the Lord. but am glad that he did his part. He taught Us what life is and how to face it and be independent. He was "THE GREATEST" One could ever have in their lives. He gave us all we ever needed. I remember and adhere to the words he said," Even if u are a sweeper, people should look at the Job u did and say, "No one can sweep the floor as clean as what u do"". He was someone more than a friend to us and will always be Missed.I LOVE U DAD & I MISS U!!!

delphine said...

Dear Dondu Sir, Jasmine and Ben,,, It is very painful...Thank you for all the great support.

Jennifer said...

My dear Athai,
I dont have words to describe how painful it is know that Maama is no more with us. Though i just knew him for just 9 months as a father in law he was a good example to me. we had so much fun together when i had come to visit you in coimbatore after my wedding in Feb. maama had taken leave to be with us. we used to play carom board and he used to praise me a lot for playing well. and then me ben and maama went to ooty and had nice fun , took lots of pics. i just cant forget those lovely moments. and then everytime we came to see maama and athai we had so much fun. i cant just express my love and respect to maama. i love u maama and now that u are with God i will always keep you in my prayers and will continouly support my loving athai . Love u both
--Yours loving daughter in law Jenny.

Norma Gaston said...

Dear Delphine:

Please accept my sympathies. Life is short and precious. In your case you lived a full life with your husband and you enjoyed him for many years. Now it's Jesus' time to enjoy him for eternity. Our comfort is that we will join him in the sweet by and by. He has just gone on ahead.

Praying for you,
Norma Gaston

tbr.joseph said...

Dear Delphine,

I am really sorry to hear the sad news. I have not visited blogdesam for several weeks and that's the reason why I was not aware of this till I received your mail.

As I was out of station for a few days I could not immediately respond your mail.

I join scores of our blogdesam readers in your sorrow. I pray to God Almighty to give you the courage to face this irreparable loss. God bless you!


Daenette Gardiner said...

Dear Delphine,
I pay tribute to a life lived well. My deepest sympathies. May God grant you a peace that supasses understanding and may the Comforter blanket you aqnd your family in his love. I'm praying for you.

Daenette (Bahamas)
Haggai 587

Ponniyinselvan said...

dear doctor,
i am an ardent admirer of u .i have been reading your blog though i don't record my comments.but for the past two months i myself was immersed in some darkness and today when i reached your blog i was shocked to read what happened.but doctor,i see so many have written to u sharing your grief.but i am the fittest person to share your grief,because in the same Appollo i lost my husband in 2000.and then i was to overcome?i HAD [past tense]two sons,my eldest who goes by the name ponniyinselvan [a friend to Mathy]bid me farewell in 2005 August when he met with a fatal accident.left with my younger son,i am leading a horrible i know the agony.let us share it.i shall explain home and house in the next mail.
karthik amma

Saravanan said...

Dear Delphine,

I'm saddened by this single post. My deepest condolence to you. May his soul be rested in Peace. Cheer up. After all there is an End Date for everybody. We all have to face the reality. I'm sure your new job will keep you occupied and take away your worries a little...

Anonymous said...

My Dear, Dear Sister Delphine
It is with great sorrow that I learnt about your great loss. Oh what heart break, what pain.
I know you are managing by His grace,and that the Holy Spirit comforts you. But all the same the grieving process is painfull. I am comforted to know that your husband loved the Lord so we know he is in a much better place and that we will see him.

May the man of sorrows himself be close to you contineously, may you lean on His big shoulder when you cry. May He whisper a fresh massege especially for you for He specialises in originality. I love you my sister.
Sally Chademana from Zimbabwe Africa

மா.கலை அரசன் said...

சாரின் பிரிவு காவல் துறையினரை மிகவும் பாதித்த ஒன்று.
மேலும் அவர் தங்களின் கணவர் என்பது தற்போது அறியக்கிடைத்த போது மிகவும் துயருற்றேன்.
தங்களுக்கு ஆறுதல் சொல்ல வார்த்தைகள் கிடைக்கவில்லை.
எல்லாம் வல்ல இறைவன் தங்களுக்கு இத்துயரைத்தாங்கும் வல்லமையை அருளட்டும்.

என்றும் நட்புடன்,
மா.கலை அரசன்.

மா.கலை அரசன் said...
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மலைநாடான் said...


ஒரு நல்ல மனிதரை, அவரது வாழ்நாளில் அறிய முடியாதுபோய்விட்டதே என வருத்தமாக உள்ளது. இத்தகைய நல்ல உள்ளத்தோடு வாழ்ந்த உங்களுக்கு அவரின் இழப்பு என்பது ஈடு செய்ய முடியாததுதான். ஆனாலும் வாழ்க்கையின் நிதர்சனம் என்பது வேறுதானே..? இழப்பிலிருந்து உயிர்ப்புப் பெற இறையருள் உங்களுக்குத் துணைசெய்யப்பிரார்த்திக்கின்றேன்.

மறைந்தபின்னாவது இம் மனிதரை அறிந்கொள்ளக் கூடிய வாய்ப்பினை அளித்த நண்பர் தெகாவிற்கும் நன்றிகள்.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Dephine,

I am really sorry for the demise.
May Lord strengthen you and your family.

fervin moses

காட்டாறு said...

அன்புள்ள டெல்ஃபின்,

முதன் முதலில் உங்கள் ப்ளாக் வந்து ஒவ்வொரு பதிவாக வாசித்து வந்தவளுக்கு, மாபெரும் அதிர்ச்சியாக இருந்தது. மீளா துயராயினும், மீளும் வரத்தை உங்களுக்கு இறைவன் அருளியிருப்பான் கண்டிப்பாக.

உங்கள் துயரில் பங்கேற்கும்,

baskar said...

Madam,today only i entered yourblog and read all your postings.Finally i came to know that your husband's demise. i feel very sorry/ for quite sometimes i have an unanswered question why god is giving trouble in good people?

aruna said...

Dear madam,
Just came across ur blog...n felt very sad.!let god give you the courage to face life and the challenges ahead.
anbudan aruNa