Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Teachers Day..

Today , we celebrate the TEACHERS DAY. I just want to dedicate this little note of thanks to my teacher who taught me Maths in my eleventh Standard. This is probably about 40 years back... I still rememeber her with great respect and reverence. her name.. Mrs. Darling. and she was the daughter of Thiru. Nesamony, the great freedom fighter , who lived at Nagercoil... Kanyakumari district... I wonder whether sh's alive or not... but wherever she is...
You were the best Teacher in this world. You were an excellent guide, a friend and you disciplined me when I went wrong. You were so inspiring.. You made me what I am today.. I will be always thankful to you for all the hard work and efforts you had put in to make me a good human. You moulded me and I am always grateful to you for your support. Thank you teacher for all the great things you did to me..

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Benjamin said...

Me too Owe a lot to all my teachers and Professors. I Still remember my English Teacher when i was in Zion @ Kodai, Her Name was Nancy Prince and she was the best teacher one could ever get. We both celebrated Birthdays together on Aug 31st. She taught me so many things in life. Also wanted to say a big thanks to My French Sir Mr.Sunil, He just boosted my love towards that language and wat a great friend he turned out to be. And last but not the least will be my Physics Professor Mr. Sundar Sekar at St.Joseph's College, Trichy. He was just great teacher and a Great Friend and a well wisher. I miss them all and i owe a lot to them. They all played a Very Vital Role in My life and a Big Thanks to all of them. ***Happy Teachers Day***