Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Adieu Coimbatore!

It is almost a year since I came to Coimbatore.
My life has been like a nomadic life since my husband is in the Police Department. I have lived in many districts and cities in Tamilnadu. Now I am preparing myself to leave Coimbatore and go to Chennai. So my feelings… it is so mixed.
After I finished my college at Chennai I have never wanted to go to Chennai. A stay at Chennai for a day or two is ok with me, but to go and live there is really heart breaking! It is going to be the most difficult thing to leave this beautiful Coimabatore and I have been discovering this for the past few days. Coimbatore had been my dream place to live next to my native place.(Nagercoil). Initially when I had to move to Coimbatore from Trichy I was a bit worried but then I realized the folly of my insecurity. What a great place to live! The cool and comfortable weather… the mercury never goes above 35degrees, Siruvani water, Definitely a neat city compared to other cities of Tamilnadu with less traffic jam. I enjoyed a very good job at Sheela hospital. The timing was very perfect for me from 9 AM to 5 PM with no night shifts. Living at Race Course was another boon to me. Quite calm with round the clock security.
I am definitely going to miss so many people who came across my life at Coimbatore. The most powerful are perhaps the personal connections, sometimes even for just a few moments and sometimes in silence. The loving madam(Dr.Christy Ganapathy) who is so dearly called as ‘amma’ by every one, the MD, my colleagues, the nurses, the nursing students, the theatre staff, EDP staff, the senior citizens of Sheela Hospital’s old age home, my husband’s drivers, his police men on waiting, the old man who with a smile but silently fuels my car at the Indian Oil Petrol Pump at Avinashi Road, the banana cart man near Race Course, Scooby Doo our neighbour’s pet dog who elegantly accompanies me while I go for a walk( if some one dare talk to me while he is around, they would just lose half a kilogram of their flesh) …. the list goes on and on…they all made me feel so special.
Back to job hunting and house hunting at Chennai and I am hoping to get a good placement at Apollo Specialty Hospitals and a house somewhere near by my working place. Life is always renewing itself in each moment and I'm learning to let go of my goggles of self interest and enjoy the miracle as it unfolds...the journey continues within…
Good bye Coimbatore! Good bye to You! I hope to come back again.. Good bye Coimbatore..


Orani said...

hi Doc,

I understand your hard feeling that you are leaving the beautiful garden city "Coimbatore." Nearly I never knew anyone who lived in C'batore for a reasonable time said I did not like this place.

The place simply steals ones heart and mind. For some reason it has such a vibes, do not know what it is.

I mis-placed my heart and mind also, being here but all the time my thought hovers over C'batore.

Anyway, things will be alright for you. You can always come back whenever you want to. Hopefully, by the time I will be having a home to accomodate you guys when you visit C'baore ;-))

Happy re-location!!!

delphine said...

Thank you Orani. Thanks. I Loved Coimbatore. What a great Place to live. Thank you for your invitation.

Anonymous said...

Life is always renewing itself in each moment ///
yes Coimbatore is a lovely place. dont worry .soon Chennai will alos become like Coimbatore. All the best.

Gladis Jacob said...

good bye and Thank you.

Sabapathi said...

hello madm

Really our heart is breaking. we did not expect in your good bye word. today saw your mail first thing try to your mobile. allways switch off. then only we will type replay. Madam why should not talk about regards this. ok... atlest send to mail with me thanks that. we are over affication with you. we stun of your computer interest. at the beautifull moment today view our eyes. when ever you will come back. we allways waiting for you.
you will inform Dr.Balu & 'Amma'.
nobody knows you are sifting to chennai. anyway 'Every micro second God gives a amazing things in your family'


Not Smilling only Posting comment by

Sathish & Sabapathi

Sheela Hospital

delphine said...

Thank you Saba and Satheesh. I am truly delighted .

oosi said...

All the best Doctor.... and thanks for visiting my blog and posting your comment.

tbr.joseph said...

Hi Delphine,

After a long, long time I visited the blogdesam today. And it was the right time!

You are coming to Chennai!

It's a nice place to live in. After living in Mumbai Chennai suits me really well..

You would like it too.. May be it is little dirty, noisy, congested compared to Coimbatore.

We have a Zonal Office at Race course Road. I often come there for Committee meetings.. It's of course a nice place..

Your today's post was very nice.. remembering all those nice people whom you have met in your daily life!

That shows you.. Time permits we might meet.. After you settle down drop a few lines.. My email id is there in my blog..

I've resumed writting.. I am starting a new serial 'Thought for the day' and today is my first episode.. It is in

Please visit and post your comment..

I value your comments very much..

Thanks and welcome to Chennai!

jvasanthan said...

Dear Dr.Delphine, I wish you all the best in Chennai, and hope you will start loving it as much as you did Coimbatore. Coimbatore's loss is Chennai's gain. JV

delphine said...

Thank you Oosi..
Thanks to Vasanthan Sir too.
And TBR Sir, sure I will let you know as soon as I settle down at Chennai.

Anonymous said...

Madam, Only a rolling stone gathers no moss. As the neighbour says in Pather Panchali, one should not live in one place for too long. It makes you narrow-minded. Best wishes in your new posting.

Anonymous said...

Madam, Only a rolling stone gathers no moss. As the neighbour says in Pather Panchali, one should not live in one place for too long. It makes you narrow-minded. Best wishes in your new posting.

delphine said...

TRhank you Anonymous.. waiting to relocate. Yes you have rightly said... I am really happy that I get a chance to move around and get to know people ...I think this is our 17th place (district)

sam said...

a rolling stone never gathers moss; instead gets polished, they say! :)
let the new place give you more friends.

delphine said...

Thank you Sam!