Sunday, August 20, 2006

Child Labour

The inhuman practice of employing children in many industries is prevailing in most areas in the southern part of India. Though the government takes ample steps to bring them under their control, yet problems exist in different places.For instance, most jewelers make use of the soft and delicate fingers of the children in making their silver ornaments especially the anklets where “fineness’ is needed. The jewelers cash on the patience of the children to cut through silver and design out anklets. They work in hundreds round the clock. Behind every anklet that shines lies a heart of sorrow and suffering.But recently the officials of the labor department met the manufacturers and they came forwarded to denounce the social scourge. The highlight now is that most of these children are sent to schools.


Thekkikattan said...

//The jewelers cash on the patience of the children //

:-( how true it is, and how sad.

//The highlight now is that most of these children are sent to schools.//

If that follows in all small scale industries, how beautiful thing it is, one could do to those little ones, huh!

delphine said...

Thekkikaattaan..the government is taking so much initiative to cut down this child labour especially in Match box industries. while we were at Gudiyattam in Vellore district, all our neighbours employed children to pack the match boxes. this place is also like Sivakasi where match boxes are made.

தி. ரா. ச.(T.R.C.) said...

child labour is more in match box and silk industry also.millions of children are engaged inthat. Now in beeti industry also more children are engaged where their health is spoiled more Govt is ineffective in this regard.Thank you for visiting my blog will be grateful to get comments.