Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Pandora Box

This write up definitely is going to raise your brows… But such things are becoming very common. I am not trying to justify it. I, myself is against such recklessness. Many people are put into suffering just because of the carelessness of professionals.
This happened just a few days back. I am not going to tell you the name of the hospital or the place or any details pertaining as to where this happened. Just read it on..
Anita (name changed), 29 years old, a lady from the richest hill tribe in the Western Ghats was going from one doctor’s office to another. She suffered from fever that was accompanied with rigor. All the tests tuned out to be negative. No one was able to come to a definite conclusion for the longstanding fever. She was becoming toxic day by day. As a routine, she underwent an ultra sonogram. There were two different opinions. One sonologist said that she had a mass of about 12cmsx12cms, from the uterus. Another one opined that it was not a cystic (water filled) mass, but a solid mass. Another said that it could be a fatty mass surrounded by the loops of intestine. But all of them agreed that there was definitely a mass, whether cystic or solid. So it was planned to go ahead with opening of the abdomen. The theatre was filled with doctors from different specialties who had given their opinions.
The abdomen was opened. There was a huge swelling more than 20cms which was not attached to any structure. It was adherent with the loops of intestine, uterus, and also the urinary bladder. It was very difficult to dissect the bladder from the mass. On the bargain the bladder got injured and it was sutured. The whole mass (swelling) was taken out. Keeping in mind the age of the patient, a portion of the ovaries was left behind, but she had to sacrifice her uterus. The abdomen was toileted, the surgical pads counted, the instruments counted and then closed.
The mass was cut opened. There was a SURGICAL PAD that was covered with PUS. Anita had undergone Caesarean section about 5 years back in another hospital. She had a very stormy post operative period then. She had a lot of problem then, subsequently had come out of it. And the doctor whoever operated on her forgot to remove the surgical pad. And the result…
Yes. I was greatly grieved. As I said I am not justifying it. This is a serious mistake.. No a crime indeed. A doctor’s duty is not just to operate and leave the theater, but to see to that nothing is left behind. This is the first incident that I came across in my life though I have heard such incidents.. unbelievable isn’t it?


Orani said...

//And the doctor whoever operated on her forgot to remove the surgical pad. And the result…//

This is really scary to know that, it can happen in real life too. How oblivious one could be when they deal with a life, in spite of they do, day to day as a profession many cases in a day. Still for a patient, it is her/his life in the front line.

I am really surprised upon reading this piece. In this case, one person's neglingence is paid through an uterus removal of another... unbelievable.

delphine said...

Thank you sir. even in western countries where they say that they are very careful, such incidents have happened.
this patient is still ailing in the hospital.