Friday, July 14, 2006


Owning a cell phone by the teenagers has become a part of their life. It seems to be considered as an important possession by the teenagers. More and more parents promise their children to get these gadgets as a bribe to their children if they do well in their exams or in any competitive examinations.
Students who have always enjoyed outdoors have got addicted to this instrument. Both their thumbs work out so fast in messaging text messages are forwarding or downloading some logos. It is not very unusual for us to see them with the mobile phone while eating or doing any other work. Most students sit at the back of the classes sending messages to their own class mates as most of the mobile service providers do not charge for the SMS. The performance rates of most of these children have come down drastically. Nowadays their priority is to reply to their friends messages. This in turn leads to depression in the teenagers.
At times it is very difficult to tackle such youngsters. Parents need to do a lot of counseling. Before getting these gadgets to their children, they should also educate them letting them know that the cell phone is only for emergency and it is not a toy to be misused.


tbr.joseph said...

Hi Delphine,

Sorry I was little busy with my work all through this week.

What you said about the mobile phones and the present generation youngsters is absolutely right.

The children seem to live in their own world of the cell phones, PC games and cartoons that they forget about the world outside.

When I go for my morning walk every young girls I face would be talking on their cell phone unmindful anyone passing them!

I could observe that the girls are more fascinated by these gadgets than the boys.

As they say in Tennis these girls might very soon get cell phone elbows, by holding their phones to their ear non stop!

Orani said...

Hi Doc,

The funny part is, have you ever noticed, there would be two people walking side by side yet talking to someone else on the cell phones of their own, respectively.

Does it make any sense to you? Like the situation, the one, I defined to you. What it shows to me two things; a) they are as you put it addicted to that gadgets b) or they can better pretend to be whoever they are on the phone by not making eye contact.

So the question is, is that why they are constantly on the phone even ignoring the person next to him/her while on a walk or driving?

delphine said...

yes Sir. It is not very uncommon for us to see the young girls walking around with a cell phone unmindful of the surroundings. Thank you Sir.

delphine said...

ignoring the person next to him//// yes. yes.