Monday, June 12, 2006

An unforgettable story in my life....

Mrs. Rani Jayanth is an accountant in a small concern. Mr. Jayanth is a freelance electrician. Since they belong to different sub sects, the relations did not approve of and frowned on their love marriage and ostracized them. They did not have financial problem, but lacked social support. Her first baby had multiple anomalies and died. Her second child is 8 years old. When she came to know that she was carrying twins in her third pregnancy, she was shocked and worried and wondered how she would be able to care for the twins. She came to us for the first time as an ‘unbooked case’ in October 2000. Ultra sonogram revealed, ‘A.F.I nil, 38 weeks of gestational age with twins and no anomalies’. She was delivered of twin male babies by lower Segment Caesarean Section and was sterilized.
Mrs. Gayathri Srinivasan aged 40, is very affluent. Her husband is working in Jordan. They are infertile. She had six sittings of I.U.I, but did not conceive. She opted for I.V.F.E.T even after the doctor warned her about the poor chance of conception and many accidents on the way. Her first attempt failed. She conceived in the second attempt and came to India when she was 5 months pregnant. Few days later she had an episode of bleeding and U.S.G revealed a dead fetus. The family was devastated and would not be consoled. Termination was done in our hospital. Mrs. Rani and Mrs Gayathri were in patients in the hospital in the same floor at the same time. Gayathri lamented over the dead born fetus and was longing for a child. The other one (Rani) was worried about the difficulty of upbringing twins without help. So when Mrs. Gayathri expressed a desire to adopt one of the twins, Mrs. Rani readily agreed. They live in the same street and know about each other’s antecedent.
After the traditional purification ritual on the 15th day, Mrs and MrSrinivasan legally adopted the child. Now the child lives in Jordan. The adoptive parents contact the Biological parents now and then and tell them about the development of the child. They never fail to convey their happiness and gratitude.
The ways of God are inscrutable. WHAT A COINCIDENCE! Mrs. Rani came to us as an unbooked case. Mrs.Gayathri descended on us like a bolt from the blue. The event is incredible. When people hear about it, they are incredulous. Luckily the event is documented.


Gladis said...

Simply great.

Anonymous said...

a doctor's job is always rewarding.

Anonymous said...

I have always wanted to become a doctor..
Yes..only few are gifted..