Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Some beauty tips for ..

There not much of activities in the hospital. Probably, since the school has started and the ladies are more excited.. They must be very busy trying their culinary skills to pamper their children to get back them to school. In the mornings when I go to school, I see all the autos loaded with school children. Just thought of writing some 'Beauty tips'. They definitely will be useful.
Dark Circles under the eyes.... This means you are stressed with less amount of sleep. Mix cucumber juice with little bit of lemon juice and apply it daily. Don't scold me if it gets into your eyes for it will burn and you will start screaming.
To improve the texture of your hair... take bath only on alternate days and wash your hair with egg white. Better so if you apply the white half hour before your bath. (Try this remedy when there is bird flu.. Eggs are cheaper then)
For dandruff... Once a week heat pure (I mean pure) coconut oil and apply it on the scalp with cotton wool. Please don't massage. If you do so then you will become bald.if your grey hair shows... apply henna..
For good eye brows.. apply honey and lemon... beware if the color changes.... I am not responsible..

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