Thursday, June 01, 2006

Paravai Muniamma - you seem to be the best cook

Last week I attended a microwave oven cookery class conducted by Panasonic and Ideal Stores at Coimbatore. The crowd was that of mostly of North Indians. I have alwys liked cooking in the microwave as it preserves both the flavour and the nutritive value of the food. The evening was so monotonous with the comperer trying to entertain the crowd. Above all Mrs.Nita Mehta had to refer to the cooking book to try her own recipe. She was not very sure about what to be added. I have always felt that our "paravai Muniamma' is the best cook(apart from my mother). Her recipes are so good and they are rich in Vitamains. She can cook just like that. What is the use of writing hundreds of recipes and getting an international award when Nita Mehta could not cook even one food without referring to her book?

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