Monday, May 22, 2006

The technology... amazing!

It is amazing …the technology…
On Sunday I attended a workshop on Colposcopy at G.K.N.M Hospital. We had about three eminent doctors who talked about Colposcopy. But the workshop was very interesting. We, the participants were in the auditorium, but the Gynecologists were in the theatre and they demonstrated us the procedure. With the help of the patient’s concern, we had a live demonstration. Nothing like seeing and doing. The technology…. I really loved it. We were about 500 participants. The gynecologists in the theatre were explaining and we were also able to interact with them.
Colposcopy is a diagnostic tool to determine the cause of abnormalities found in Pap smears. A colposcopy is a visual examination of the cervix--a relatively simple and painless procedure, usually performed as an outpatient procedure. The actual procedure lasts approximately ten to fifteen minutes.
A colposcopy seems much like a Pap smear, however, there a few important differences. The patient is positioned on the examination table as in a Pap smear, however 5% acetic acid (such as, common table vinegar) is placed on the cervix which causes the cervical cells to fill with water so light will not pass through them.
A colposcope is also used to view the cervix. A colposcope is a large, electric microscope that is positioned approximately 30 cm from the vagina. A bright light on the end of the colposcope makes it possible for the doctor to visualize the cervix.
Abnormal cervical changes are seen as white areas, the whiter the area, the worse the dysplasia (abnormal changes). Abnormal blood vessel changes are also apparent through the colposcope. Abnormal vascular changes can occur in dysplasia. Typically, worse the vascular changes are the worse the dysplasia. Then a tissue sample is taken and sent to the lab for further evaluation.
Colposcopy and Please try these links to know more about colposcope. Every woman after the age of 40 should have a pap smear done and also get a colposcopy done.

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