Friday, May 19, 2006

Married in white… you have chosen right….

Sounds right or wrong…..?????
Few events in life are more prone to omens and superstitions than the marriage ceremony, and nobody has greater need to be aware of them, if she cares at all then the bride herself.
In formal weddings, an age old rule is still observed that the bride should wear nothing coloured (except for something blue that is usually hidden). Brides wear white because this has been the tradition for centuries. White is said to signify the bride’s purity, her innocence and candour. At one time though rarely now, it indicated her acceptance of simple values. In ancient Greece, white was a symbol of joy. Greeks always wore white on feast days and carried garlands of white flowers. Before wedding ceremonies they painted their bodies white. Many superstitions apply to coloured gowns, which nevertheless are traditional in some countries. ‘Married in red you’d better be dead…. Married in yellow, you are ashamed of the fellow… married in green, you are ashamed to be seen…. Married in pink, your spirits will sink.
Only white (‘married in white, you have chosen right’) and (‘blue your lover is true ‘) escape this kind of criticism.

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tbr.joseph said...

Hi Delphine,

If 'married in white, you have chosen right' is to be believed then all the Christian marriages where the bride always wears white should have been the right choice!

How come several of them fail?

As you rightly said it is nothing but age old custom and partly superstition..

So long as we believe that 'white is right' we don't normally change.. is it not?