Friday, May 05, 2006

Irrational people...

Meena walked into my cubicle today. She looked very beautiful, but her eyes were swollen. Her face had all the signs of unhappiness. She carried a big file in her hands. Her story….
She had finished her Master’s in English literature when she got married to Srinivas a 26 year old ?doctor. He was the only son of a famous doctor couple at Madurai. So when this alliance came her parents did not look back. They were so happy that their daughter was getting married to a doctor’s doctor son of a reputed family.
The first two months were very happy for her as she went around honey mooning with her husband. There was no sign of Srinivas going to work or joining his parents in their nursing home. He was just idling at home. She did not have the courage to ask him too. But her in laws started pestering her from the third month onwards. They told her that since she did not conceive in these two months then she would never conceive at all. Meena was shocked. She smelt something wrong in that family. They started pestering her. From then on she had to visit all the gynecologists in the city as they wanted somehow to confirm that she was barren. She had to visit a particular gynecologist often and this gynecologist came with the truth that Meena’s husband was not at all a doctor, but was a convict who was in the jeuvenile prison till he was eighteen. He had the habit of inflicting injuries to his girl friends. He used to bring his girl friends to his house. Since his parents were always busy making money, he used to spend long hours with the girls. On one such day he spent an evening with a girl who was the daughter of a police officer. They had some issues and he stabbed her with a knife. The police officer went to the court and so he was punished with one year in the jeuvenile prison. Some astrologer had told the family that if srinivas’s wife did not conceive within three months of their marriage, then she would never bear a child for them. They started ill treating her. She was totally disappointed. One fine morning she walked out of the house and came to her parent’s house.
She told me that she was even willing to accept and was willing to live with him though he was an ex convict and who had not even completed his higher secondary school. What she was not able to tolerate was that she was stamped as being barren within three months of her married life.
It is sad that even highly educated people are so superstitious that they go to any extent to spoil their own child’s life…

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tbr.joseph said...

Hi Delphine!

It is indeed sad that this educated family believed a illiterate astrologer and ill-treated their daughter-in-law.

In my opinion this girl should go to the police and file a criminial case against her in-laws. How could she say that she is willing to live with that criminal.

When will this young ladies wake up and raise their voice against injustice?