Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Free Medical Camps

Medical Camps
I have always been very cynical about these medical camps. I must confess that I have attended over a hundred such medical camps that have been organized by some clubs or by the so called philanthropists. It is due to their compulsion that I had to involve myself in such camps. Obviously the common people never get any benefit except that some bigwigs in the town or village get to pose with me and that gets published in the newspaper.
In a bid to provide healthcare support to the ladies, Sheela Hospital has arranged a camp exclusively for the ladies. This camp has definitely turned down my opinion about medical camps as I had very bitter experiences earlier in other places. The camp is arranged in the hospital itself in a big hall with separate cubicle for the doctors to examine the patients in privacy. Each cubicle has a doctor and a nurse and so the patients get the needed privacy to tell them all their problems.
The Sheela Hospital’s endeavor has been to ensure that almost all best possible and very well organized facilities are available to the very poor patients. The hospital has reduced the charges for the surgeries. Patients get the investigations done at just 30% of the original charge. So many patients who had postponed their surgery due to their financial crises turned up and they were so happy to get the care at rock bottom prices. Patients who wanted to get interval sterilization opted for laparoscopic method. It is not possible to do surgeries totally free as the medicines and the cost of the instruments are pretty high. This was explained to the patients who requested to get the surgery done at free of cost.
Besides consultation, the patients are screened for cancer of the cervix and concessions issued to them for treatment for the whole month. We all know that cancer is gradually turning into some sort of epidemic and such a screening medical camp will serve as a wake up call to the medical community, government and society at large. People should understand that timely treatment for any ailment can save several precious lives. People who suffer with diseases only know the colossal, financial and unbearable physical trauma in the quest for better treatment. The camp is spread over a period of one week from 1st May to 7th May as it will allow the doctors to give quality time with the poor patients.
May 2, 2006

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