Friday, April 28, 2006


This summer update your health…
The mercury is rising up. It was 42 degrees C yesterday at Chennai. (Thank God, I am at Coimbatore). Children are having their own fun visiting their grand parents. Some children are in the summer camps. Some might be even lucky to have a great vacation out side the country. One more month left and a lot can be done during this time. This summer…..
Parents are so much concerned about their children that they forget their health. But here is a time when you can visit a hospital and have a master check up done. Because of the children’s school and exams, all the postponed health check ups could be completed. Visit the dentist and get a scaling done. You may be complaining of a bad headache, you probably need to get your eyes checked. The tonsils… that needed to be removed. Ladies who are in the middle age group get a pap smear done to exclude any cancerous changes in the Cervix of the uterus. This might be the right time to donate your blood too. There are so many medical camps organized where most of the tests are done at a concession rate. Make use of it. You may not get a better time than this.

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