Friday, April 07, 2006


World Health Day.
Each year April 7th is celebrated as the world health Day. This year the theme for the world health day is “working together for Health”. This day is specially devoted to the health workers and the crisis faced by them. One of the main reasons for the slackening of good health no doubt is poverty. Most of the third world countries have great problem as poverty is widespread. Good health carries responsibilities. However there is a global shortage for health workers and agencies that help to provide good health to the people. Though there are many hospitals and clinics available all through out, yet there is a shortage of health personals available to solve the problems. All these work forces should go hand in hand to overcome the present shortage of the health agencies.
The hospitals should be cost effective and they should offer quality treatment with latest medical equipments. Their own people should get the best treatment. More hospitals are focusing their attention towards the foreign patients. Though this is a welcome change for the medical people yet they should not forget that their own kins should get the best medical facility at an affordable price.
Stress related problems like cardiac problems, obesity are on a rise. On this day we must have a over all look of the health care segment and take all the steps to improve the facilities to provide better health for the patients.

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