Sunday, April 30, 2006

Blood for sale...

Blood for sale.
Most of the hospitals have become commercialized. They know the art of making money. They even make a fortune out of the blood they collect in blood donation camps. Young people volunteer to donate their blood and most of them do it routinely once a year. This is a real good gesture. But what happens afterwards? Have you ever tried to find out to whom your blood was transfused?
Sometimes there is a surplus of units of blood that is collected during these campaigns. So the hospital just chooses a few of their patients and transfuses these blood units to them whether they need it or not. The patients then have to pay for this blood.
There is definitely a need to store blood as it saves many lives. If you really want to donate blood, give it to the right person at the appropriate time. Most patients when they are advised to have a surgery want to buy blood. This is not correct. Any of your relative should be willing to donate blood. Then there won’t be any misuse. It is better to register with the blood banks, the group and typing and your phone number and the address. Tell them that you are willing to come to the blood bank at any time of the day or night. When there is a need the blood banks might try to get in touch with you.
I do agree people cannot be searching for you during an acute emergency, but at least this will have a check on those blood banks that store blood unnecessarily.


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