Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Alcohol.....its nothing but a venom

Alcohol… The venom of human life.
Most often we read in the newspapers that if alcohol is taken in small quantities it does no harm to the human bodies. In fact some doctors say that one or two drinks a day could benefit the heart, lowering the risk of coronary heart disease. But there are many researchers who do not and are reluctant to accept these findings. More than the good it does, we obviously have to think of the serious damage it does to our vital organs. It is clearly linked to disease such as cirrhosis of the liver and also increase in blood pressure. It is a very important factor in thousands of deaths of road and industrial accidents. It has also a great link with domestic violence, marriage breakdown and child abuse.
Alcohol depresses the central nervous system and there by lowers its activity. The reason why alcohol fuels so many social functions is that it gives a more relaxed attitude and greater confidence. It is a false belief that alcohol improves their efficiency because they believe that they are more confident and there by more competent. But these are just illusory. Just one drink is enough to affect our mental and physical skills particularly those such as driving which needs good coordination and a sharp mind. Alcohol crosses the blood brain barrier system and so it acts quickly. Alcohol is one of those molecules that gain entry into the brain. Probably if it had been a larger molecule it would not enter the brain and relax us and we would not be going behind it.

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