Thursday, April 27, 2006


Air Deccan Bus………..
This was not the first time I flew by Air –Deccan.
I had booked my ticket from Coimbatore to Bangalore by Air Deccan via the internet about three weeks earlier itself. I narrowly missed my flight on the 22nd. Due to this election and with the arrival of multi linguistic politicians in the city, I could not dash to the air port in time. So I was just refunded with Rs200/- and odd that I had paid the air lines as airport tax. I was terribly disappointed. And it is such a pain to go by bus. Nearly eleven hours of journey. My legs got swollen. Well, it was nice to be at Bangalore with the children. I returned back to Coimbatore by Air –Deccan on the 25th. This flight was slightly a bigger one. Just about 110 seats or so with just two air-hostesses and one pilot. This is a low cost air-line and so they have very minimal staff working. The air craft was definitely clean. Earlier once when I flew from Chennai to Coimbatore I flew by a flight which was typically like a bus. Just about 60 seats and the noise of the plane resembled that of a bus. So noisy and very dirty too. And I had to buy a stale, rotten sandwich for Rs40/- Since these aircrafts fly very low, often there are bumps what they call as air-pockets. They are very scary. But don’t worry. Here is something to be happy about. When I returned back from Singapore by Indian airlines last November, I had the worst experience. Food was served and then came these air pockets. The food was thrown up and I saw the crew take positions. No one was allowed to use the toilet and they deprived us of the food too. I was only happy to get out of the plane at Chennai. So this time when I experienced these air pockets I was really very cool. After all it lasted for about ten minutes and then the plane landed safely at Coimbatore. I should confess air Deccan is definitely a better plane to travel than our Indian Airlines. The ticket was after all Rs500/-

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