Monday, March 20, 2006

Stay Cool as a CUCUMBER.....

STAY Cool As A CucUMBer

The month of March is almost marching out and we can feel the summer heat. The next three to four months, we are going to experience the heat. But we can always set it right with the right diet.
High temperature causes dehydration which is the major problem. We really don’t realize till we become thirsty. We experience severe headache, nausea and at times vomiting too. We feel very tired and exhausted and hate to work. Regular jobs become very tedious. Most of the time we do not realize that we are getting into dehydration. A minimum of atleast four glasses of water should be consumed in an hour. The colas and the carbonated waters do a lot of damage than really helping us. Tea and coffee should be avoided. They may temporarily quench the thirst that we experience. They act as diuretics and all the more we go into dehydration.
We can choose from a variety of fruits and drinks. Lime water with a pinch of salt and sugar does a lot to our system. Fresh fruits are rich in minerals, proteins and fibers. We can choose from a variety of fruits. Water rich fruits like the melons and sweet gourds are rich in water. Try to have a fruit salad by mixing different types of fruits. We are tempted to add lots of sugar when making a juice. So the best thing is to eat the fruit rather than squeezing it out. A midday meal can constitute a rich vegetable salad and a fruit salad. A light cold soup with tomatoes and baby corns is a good deal. Try to be away from heavy non-vegetarian meals. The only thing we have to be careful about is that when we make the vegetable and the fruit salads, our hands have to be very clean. The vegetables and the fruits should be washed in running water.
Well, stay cool as a cucumber!
Delphine Victoria
March 20, 2006

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seabird said...

hello miss,
i live in south florida, united states of america. it does become very humid here as well as very hot. a good drink is fresh lemon.

i take a fresh lemon, organic if possible and take the juice straight into the water. no sugar! this is very healthy.
very refreshing, and good to keep the body alkaline. lemons are acid outside the body, but turn alkaline in the body. to keep ones body alkaline is very important as i'm sure you very well know. limes are also just as good for the above mentioned reasons.

thanks for such an imformative blog. wishing you peace and happiness.