Thursday, March 30, 2006

showering of rice on the newly wed couples.....

Showering of rice on the newly wed couples.

This custom started with many of other customs from the Romans. The Romans used to toss nuts or sweets or wheat over a bride to ensure fertility. In some parts of Germany, the custom is to give nuts to the bride.
In Greek and Rome the brides wore head bands made of corn or wheat, another emblem of sterility. Some brides used to walk through an aisle that was scattered of wheat and barley. Probably from these customs came that of throwing of wheat and rice not only during weddings but also for other ceremonies. In 1486, King Henry VII was showered with wheat to bid him welcome. Later as a symbol of productiveness it became a custom to shower wheat during wedding ceremonies. Some people believe that rice thrown at the wedding would keep away the spirits or demons that would ruin away the marriage.
Towards the end of nineteenth century, rice throwing became very common not only in the Europe but also in the Oriental Countries. In Italy the custom was to shower cakes and biscuits. They were made in the shapes of hearts and flowers and various good luck symbols.
Lately all these have been replaced by paper streamers, rose petals, cakes and rice. Now it has become cheaper still. It is not unusual to see a bride and bridegroom showered with circular punchings of computer paper and thermocol.
I personally believe that the spirits that were believed to wreck the marriages do not come in the form of evil demons or spirits from the alien world, but come right from within the family itself. So let us start showering rice to the newly weds in the belief that no worldly man can separate the married couple.

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Anonymous said...

that was enlightening. and i thought all along that only Filipinos shower their newly weds with rice! for fertility and especially for us Filipinos since rice is a major food staplle, it is also a sign of prosperity!

happy birthday Delphine!

may you have more birthdays to come!

lilibeth Garcia - Phiippines