Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Do we need senior citizens home?

To day I had the chance of visiting a senior citizen’s home run by Sheela hospital. I am completing two months of my service here in Sheela Hospital. I am slowly getting used to my new job. Initially I had every feeling to abandon this job. You know it takes some time to get adjusted. The new city, the new people and everything around you is so strange... and people also look at you very strangely if when you do some thing... Well, I seem to have crossed all these barriers now and I am little comfortable.. I have to start liking what I do.
So my visit to the senior citizens' house came as an invitation rather than a request. A lady was sick and so a doctor was needed. I happily acknoweledged the invitation to see her. The home is about 8 Kilometers from the hospital, but within the boundaries of Coimbatore city. I was assisted by a nurse Deepa, a sweet looking one, very soft and gentle. Kamala was the patient, too shy to get admitted as she was huge and she thought that she could not fit into a stretcher of an ambulance. Well it was tough convincing her as she had very sharp pain due to the cellulitis and an abscess in the leg . The pus had to be removed. She had to be investigated. The other inmates helped her to get into the ambulance.
I went around the home. I had very mixed feeling.... strange... bizarre.. is it the right word? in some rooms, husband and wife were living together. Most of them from very rich family. Highly educated,knowledgable.. retired as class one officers in the government service... some doctors, some engineers, Phds.. why should people prefer to go to homes? Can't they live with their children? unadaptable?.. children too much educated as to settle down in Phoren do we answer this..
Most of us come from joint families. The old take care of the young ones and the young take care of the old. This has been our culture. Why is there a deviation now? Old age homes are coming up now. The younger generation do not want to take care of the old people. They feel as though they are a burden. The present day generation is running after money,and fame. They are leading a fast life.There is so much of compettition,. They want to come to the top position in a short time. It is good, but they still have to look after the parents who gave everything for them to come up in their life.
I could see the hungry eyes lookin up for somebody to vist them. No doubt they are comfortable. They did tell me that they have the best facilties including medical facility, yet....There were posters in many rooms sent by their grandchildren that how much they love and care for them/. One senior citizen in particular was too happy as her three male children are in U.S.A as highly qualified doctors. She was so proud as her son will be coming to Delhi to deliver a speech at Delhi A.I.I.M.S in another month or so.. What a joy! but she also felt that if only God had given her a female child probably she could have stayed with her. The two sons of her got married to American girls and they don't have time to look after her. To her, this home is a heaven as she could not get adjusted with her American daughters-in-law. Both her sons talk to her every week end and she told me she was waiting for the weekend. Today is Just Monday!.
I spent about three hours talking to them examining them. It definitely did bring cheers to them and to me too. Suddenly I felt very insecured! May be one day I may also have to go in search of a Senior citizens home. O! Not that my children will abandon me, but it is going to be a way of life soon. Thank God for more and more of such homes are coming up in India. What a solace!!!!!.


Anonymous said...

Just read your touchingly true reflections of the HOME in Coimbatore.
Strange it might seem to you but I know the lady having 3 sons in USA very very well for the past 3 decades.
Infact I visited the Home specifically with the intent of meeting MAMI.
Today our generations are rapidly forgetting the SUBSTANCE AND RUNNING AFTER SHADOWS. We whave to re-educate ourselves as to WHAT REALLY MATTERS IN LIFE .Then perhaps there will be revival of our ANCIENT SANATHANA TRUTHS.
I really admire your dedication to your duty as a doctor- DHARMANISHTHA.
YOU are doing NARAYANA-SEVA by doing JANASEVA.

delphine said...

Thankyou. Anony...
The mami was in the hospital. she got admitted and she was just hoping that her son would come to see her...

தருமி said...

dear doctor
sorry i am not able to concur with their ideas.
all said and done, oldies would definitely be a burden on younger generation.
i love my children and so i dont want to burden them - even with me and even if they wish.
for my views on this, pl. visit my tamil post.