Monday, March 08, 2010

International Women's Day

Choosing between a professional & a home maker, I would rather prefer to be a home maker as I always believe that home making itself is a career. I would have definitely taken much pride being a home maker as it involves a lot of caring, patience, planning, and hospitality apart from enjoying my hobbies. Most of us feel that a mother is "just a stay at home mom".
A ‘home mom’ as I would prefer to call a homemaker can devote a quality time to shape up her family. The home is being maintained well, the day is meticulously planned for the children and a nice menu prepared for the family. The real happiness lies in dropping your children in school, find out his/her friends & their peer group. How many professionals really find time to go & attend the parent students meeting? How many of them really do get time to find out why she is lacking behind in her studies.
A home maker spends most of her time in making her home a beautiful place, a sanctuary for the family. All this also takes a lot of time, work & effort. She develops her own talents & help in developing the talents of her family. Call it what you like, but a homemaker is one of the most important jobs in the world. She does it all - nurse, event planner, driver, maid, educator and just about everything else under the sun. It can be overwhelming, if not downright crazy. Life is just fast paced and there is too much to do in too little time. But those miraculous years of our kids’ childhood will never come again. And if we do not devote the time and effort to becoming the best parent you know you can be, one day we will all deeply regret the lost opportunity. The professional only have time to plan her career, to reach the goal in her career & in the bargain tend to lose concentration in caring the family.
The way you take the care to raise your children is the way you raise your future generations. How many of the professionals would have really had time to give those piggy back rides which the children always enjoy? How many career-oriented women really have time to discuss about the family? A career woman has to thrive hard in her office & at the end of the day she is so exhaustive and things drive her crazy. Hardly does she have time for a family meal every day? They are busy chasing life’s big pleasures that they miss out on the little ones. They also tend to lose there family values & their relationship gets lost in the shuffle They can be called as ‘house maker’ than being a home maker.
Every home maker is the C.E.O of the family and they act as the catalysts in the family. A Home maker can always do what she wants & can also earn from home.
The professional women always dream of some magical garden in the horizon instead of enjoying the roses within our home.
I would like to end saying " I would rather have roses on my table, than diamonds on my neck"

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Man who Taught The world for us

Dedicated to my husband Masilamani..
17th May we celebrate his birthday!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

My first DATE with Accenture..

My first DATE with Accenture..

Sometime in March. (I think on International Women’s day) Right! Yes. I went to Dindivanam for a health Camp. That’s the time when I got the acquaintance of the marketing people of Apollo Groups of Hospital. During the course of my conversation with Mahendiran, I told him that I live near Neelangarai. So he immediately offered me to take up this part time consultation at ACCENTURE, (BPO and IDC).

There were long protocols, resubmission of resume and finally the verdict that my timings were acceptable by the company. So now its fixed as 7PM-9PM on Mondays and Wednesdays. I left the hospital (Apollo Cancer Hospital) at about 6PM and drove towards the IT corridor. As I was driving, my mind was engrossed in various thoughts. Well… should I really need to take up this consultation? Won’t it be very tiring? Is it worth it? And then I thought… Let me give a try…..

And I lost the road and was driving towards Mahabalipuram. I stopped in front of Infosys and then back the same road to Accenture. I parked my vehicle in front of the BPO company.. Little hesitant.. ..Whether to go inside or not.. Young men and women wearing their collar ids walked past me. There were white colored cabs whining in and out with great speed.( these cabs are a great threat to the Chennai traffic). Tired faces!. Some smoking (ladies included) and sharing their cigarettes..

I ignited my car and headed towards the in gate. A security guard stopped my car, a thorough search, checked my hospital id and then allowed me into the parking lot. Here again another security checked my id card and took me to the reception. And for the third time I had to part with my id card. The security officer gave me some papers to sign. As I started to read it, he said its just the usual one (what usual??). But what was written in those documents was that I was given permission to access their systems.(for what???). By this time the nurse came to take me. I was asked to sit in front of a small camera ( is it a webcam??) and a picture..??? to fix up my Id for Accenture.(How I wished I had done my face. Looking so tired and haggard right from my work)

As I walked in through the corridor I was stunned. Cool, well lit long verandahs, with carpets, indoor plants… young ladies and men sitting infront of the computers… in total silence.. I pinched myself.. am I in a foreign country? (so we could also maintain such standards????).Amazing! Coffee machines, smoking area.. …Ladies smoking there??? I walked into the clinic. It is one of the best maintained occupational clinics with all the basic essentials. The walls were fixed with posters. They were all about healthy sitting, exercise for busy hands, one minute work out for the body, and a vision step for the tired eyes. There were some employees waiting for me.(there were no doctor’s visits for nearly a month)..They all seem to have the same problem like neck and back pain, dimness of vision and burning of the eyes.

I left the place at 9PM. I wasn’t very happy… their pain in the neck and back.. Occupational hazard!!! .. a deadly peril that’s going to affect our younger generation? Change of timings.. shift.. How well will their body clock get used to the change of timings in sleep and eating???... They just come there to earn….??? Do they think it as a career?

Where is our younger generation heading to???

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Thank you All

Dear Friends and well wishers.
Thank you very much...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Destiny... How cruel!

Everything happened in a jiffy.....
Came to Chennai with so much of dreams of living together with my husband....
My job at Apollo ...
an individual house at Chennai...
meeting my daughter and granddaughter at the Beach on weekends...
Me and my husband had a real LIFE after so many years of wandering...
we started enjoying every minute...But God had different plans..
On 21st of november, my husband complained of severe chest pain at 3AM in the morning and I took him to Apollo Hospitals and he died there at 5.45 Am.....everything came to an end for me..
He was buried at St. Johns Church at Trichy..He was laid to rest with great honour...
Just three days earlier he had gone to Trichy on an official visit and had met all his old friends...
He had served the Police Department for over 36 years . A very Honest and Sincere officer. A good husband, a loving and affectionate father to his children..
We started our life at Madras and ended it at Chennai...
Painful and very difficult.....

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Holiday for my Blog..

So its going to be a holiday time for my blogs. Yes! I have got a good job at Apollo Specialty Hospitals. Its going to be another new hospital life and experiences..... The learning process continues....

I will be out of sight for a while... so my fellow blogger friends...cheerio for a while.. will be back soon and start writing from Chennai...

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Adieu Coimbatore!

It is almost a year since I came to Coimbatore.
My life has been like a nomadic life since my husband is in the Police Department. I have lived in many districts and cities in Tamilnadu. Now I am preparing myself to leave Coimbatore and go to Chennai. So my feelings… it is so mixed.
After I finished my college at Chennai I have never wanted to go to Chennai. A stay at Chennai for a day or two is ok with me, but to go and live there is really heart breaking! It is going to be the most difficult thing to leave this beautiful Coimabatore and I have been discovering this for the past few days. Coimbatore had been my dream place to live next to my native place.(Nagercoil). Initially when I had to move to Coimbatore from Trichy I was a bit worried but then I realized the folly of my insecurity. What a great place to live! The cool and comfortable weather… the mercury never goes above 35degrees, Siruvani water, Definitely a neat city compared to other cities of Tamilnadu with less traffic jam. I enjoyed a very good job at Sheela hospital. The timing was very perfect for me from 9 AM to 5 PM with no night shifts. Living at Race Course was another boon to me. Quite calm with round the clock security.
I am definitely going to miss so many people who came across my life at Coimbatore. The most powerful are perhaps the personal connections, sometimes even for just a few moments and sometimes in silence. The loving madam(Dr.Christy Ganapathy) who is so dearly called as ‘amma’ by every one, the MD, my colleagues, the nurses, the nursing students, the theatre staff, EDP staff, the senior citizens of Sheela Hospital’s old age home, my husband’s drivers, his police men on waiting, the old man who with a smile but silently fuels my car at the Indian Oil Petrol Pump at Avinashi Road, the banana cart man near Race Course, Scooby Doo our neighbour’s pet dog who elegantly accompanies me while I go for a walk( if some one dare talk to me while he is around, they would just lose half a kilogram of their flesh) …. the list goes on and on…they all made me feel so special.
Back to job hunting and house hunting at Chennai and I am hoping to get a good placement at Apollo Specialty Hospitals and a house somewhere near by my working place. Life is always renewing itself in each moment and I'm learning to let go of my goggles of self interest and enjoy the miracle as it unfolds...the journey continues within…
Good bye Coimbatore! Good bye to You! I hope to come back again.. Good bye Coimbatore..